Shredded – Autographed Volume


This is an autographed paperback copy of Shredded, by Charles O’Donnell.

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Who can erase my existence from the mind of God?

Grace, a civil servant with a sordid past, wakes one morning to find that she’s become a viral sensation: Her life has been hacked, all her life data woven into a lifestream, a full-immersion, 3-D, virtual reality experience that thrill-seeking stream riders can inhabit for a few dollars. The helplessness she feels, knowing she’s powerless to keep strangers from getting their jollies reliving her life, and her fear that her fourteen-year-old son, Dylan, might stumble upon her explicit lifestream, lead her to find a shredder, an expert in the ways of the Worldstream, the nearly infinitely detailed record of data from the ubiquitous Internet of Things. He’ll erase her lifestream and all of her data, accumulated since the day she was born. Her life will be hers again, but she’ll be outside of the Worldstream—and she can never go back.

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