Shade – Autographed Volume


This is an autographed paperback copy of Shade, by Charles O’Donnell.

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When the lie is more convincing than the truth, how can I tell what’s real?

Three lives bound together in a struggle that will decide the fate of the world: Dylan, searching desperately for his shredded mother–Grace, risking everything to reunite with her son–Madeleine, scheming to force all of humanity into a permanent virtual existence. As the fiery demagogue Dax rises to power on a promise to eradicate the secretive Shade, the conflict escalates, Madeleine and Dax on one side, Dylan and Grace on the other. In the middle: a tiny community outside the Worldstream, faced with a life-or-death decision–ignore the threat and slowly perish, or make a stand for the last vestige of Real Life.

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